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Flash Fiction – February

I met up with the Spuds again and received some valuable feedback on my January Jealousy piece. Sarah pointed out that some of my action description – the spade flinging soil, the sandals tiptoeing – had the wrong focus at times. MT & Stef both agreed that my piece wasn’t true flash fiction. Which I agreed […]

Flash Fiction – January

Originally posted on Sarah Tanzmann:
For almost three years now, I have been part of the best writers group in the world: The Baked Potatoes. You might not have heard of them yet, but you will 😉 My fellow writers and friends John, Kathi, MT & Stef accompany me on that otherwise lonely road to…

BPFFC #01: Taking back what’s mine

Originally posted on LoveAndDeathAndEverythingInBetween's Blog:
As this blog (and the lack of new posts on it) demonstrates, writing regularly is hard. Things that make it less hard? Having a group of wonderful people who write and read and critique the texts with you (famously known as The Baked Potatoes). Having challenges and deadlines. So…

Monthly Flash Fiction – January

I don’t know if I’ve told you but I’m a proud member of The Baked Potatoes. We’re a critique group of five writers who meet up about twice a month, here in Vienna, and we’ll soon celebrate our third anniversary.  You haven’t heard of us? Give it time, you will. My writing has improved greatly […]

Sightseeing (the Dead) in Vienna – Crypt One

I’ve always had a macabre fascination with graveyards and anything to do with the dead. Halloween has always been my second favourite holiday of the year – after Xmas, of course. I love all that gruesome horror and Gothic vibe, but not so much that I go to work wearing guy-liner, or looking like a […]

Julian Gough’s Short Story Workshop‏ – part three

Parts one and two can be found here and here. After the Saturday ended at 4pm,  I went home knackered but invigorated. I was fast asleep by 9:30pm. I was raring to go the next morning, even though it meant another 06:30 wake-up. Julian was his energetic self and once again gave us some great things […]

Julian Gough’s Short Story Workshop‏ – part two

Part one can be found here. So… after the fifteen minutes of writing were up, Julian went around each one of us to ask what we had written. Like I said previously, most writers had described (in great detail) the entire life of one of their characters. When he looked to me, I had to let my slightly […]