I recently took part in a very enjoyable short story workshop led by the utterly inspiring, and incredibly talented, Julian Gough. It was run over a weekend, starting at 9am!? (Who the hell thought a 9am start on a Saturday and Sunday was a great idea?) It wasn’t Julian’s fault, nor the organisers, it was the only time available for this intriguing venue (WUK Vienna). […]

Grab it now whilst it’s free on Amazon (free sale ends Sunday 29th March). Nothing wrong with having a little bit of the chills run down your spine. Experience the impotent rage of a young man as he is forced into becoming the savage weapon of a mysterious necromancer.  

For myself, music is a powerful source of inspiration for my imagination. Often when I find a new piece of music that I love, I will play it over and over again. Whilst I’m listening to it, a new scene will pop into my head. The more times I replay that same track, the more I […]

Folks, I’d like for you to consider the short ghost story I recently published: Force of Will.  What if the last emotion you feel, moments before you die, is the only thing that defines you in the afterlife?  Force of Will is a short ghost story that tells the first hand account of one young man and […]

The summer of 1997 was when I started writing. I’ve always loved going to the movies and I’d regularly visit my local cinema at the weekends. On this particular Saturday in 1997, I bought my ticket, grabbed my usual coke and popcorn, then sat down to watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster. The curtain parted, the lights went out, and the […]

Too true: Lost in the sea of productivity – Imgur.

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