Flash Fiction – February

I met up with the Spuds again and received some valuable feedback on my January Jealousy piece. Sarah pointed out that some of my action description – the spade flinging soil, the sandals tiptoeing – had the wrong focus at times. MT & Stef both agreed that my piece wasn’t true flash fiction. Which I agreed with, it was just a short story to me. I didn’t bother following the flash fiction rules, I just let what my subconscious wanted me to write. They all agreed though it contained my typical creepy gruesomeness.

So for February’s subject, FEDORA, I promised myself to try and write something more along the guidelines and see what the Spuds think of it this time.

MT has posted her piece now, link here, and Sarah has posted her’s here.


He noticed a tan-coloured fedora rolling down the high street. He thought about running after it but felt it was going too fast to chase after without looking like an idiot in doing so. From the other side of the street, he watched as another man wearing a shemagh around his neck ran out into the road and pursued the freewheeling hat. This man, Mr Shemagh, eventually caught the hat and stepped out of the road and onto the pavement. He watched Mr Shemagh look around for the owner. An instant later, the man was barged out of the way by someone rushing passed him.

He caught a flash of long, silky hair and a hint of perfume that smelt like an archangel who worked in a sweetshop. The young woman threw him a brief apology before dashing on further down the pavement. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, this Miss Heaven-Scent, as she caught up to Mr Shemagh. She fired off a barrage of ‘thank yous’ and that smile of hers made you want to go and adopt a puppy. Mr Shemagh handed over her hat as if he was delivering her a glass slipper.

The man scoffed at the scene of these two flirty-birds and continued on his way. He briefly turned back to see the two of them still laughing and smiling together. Next time though, he thought, next time he’ll try and make an effort.


  1. […] they’ll still be published here soon. ) The word for the month of February was fedora – Jack already posted his story here in March, because he’s way more organised than I am 😉 […]


  2. […] Again I had help in the form of feedback provided by my lovely writers group. Please check out Jack’s and MT’s monthly flash fiction (click on the names to follow the links). And please find mine […]


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